Our Interactive Knowledge Hub is here to help you get to grips with insetting.

The IPI Hub offers facilitated workstreams, events and co-developed resources. Their intention is to improve understanding and practical knowledge of insetting through peer-to-peer knowledge exchange.


Insetting Guide

The IPI’s Practical Guide to Insetting consolidates insights and up to a decade’s worth of experience from our members and other insetting practitioners for the first time. It provides land-dependent corporates with a strategic and effective pathway to net zero and nature positive goals, demonstrating how insetting can be implemented throughout company value chains.

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Insetting Academy

We have developed an exciting programme of educational practitioner webinars and masterclasses that build on our Practical Guide to Insetting to enable deeper learning and help to inform strategic decision making.

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Case Studies

Our members have implemented insetting projects in a variety of ways at farm, community or landscape level, partnering with raw material suppliers in their supply chains. Our case study library is a useful resource of insetting in action examples from various sectors and with different commodities.

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This session introduces the concept and practice of insetting. You will leave with a good understanding how insetting can help your organisation to address some of the most crucial challenges in supply chain sustainability, including climate change, biodiversity loss and livelihoods.

Date: Second session date to be confirmed

Fee for participation by IPI non-members: €250

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This programme is for corporate insetting practitioners. It is split into three 90 minute sessions that build on the key findings of the Practical Guide to Insetting. Starting with how to mobilise key stakeholders, it covers all steps of implementing insetting in your business through to measuring impact. We will draw on best practices, latest resources along with providing a number of opportunities to learn from peers.

Participants will receive a certificate of completion.

Dates: Will be confirmed with participants once a minimum number of registrants is achieved.

Fee for participation by IPI non-members: €900 for one participant or €1.350 for two participants per organisation.

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This session will provide an overview of latest developments of guiding climate frameworks and will put the practice of insetting in the context of science-based targets for climate and net zero for land-dependent companies.

Date: This session will be scheduled for soon after the release of the GHG Protocol’s Land Sector and Carbon Removals Guidance (expected end of July 2022).

Fee for participation by IPI non-members: €250

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These highly focused sessions are for corporate insetting practitioners to deepen their knowledge, inform strategic decision making and help to inspire ambitious corporate action. Experts and inspirational leaders in the field will share valuable learnings, latest research and new approaches relevant to the practice of insetting and the transformation of business models towards net zero and nature positive.

More information on dates and topics will be announced soon.

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The above events have been scheduled for the next few months. Please check back for updates to the programme, or sign up for our newsletter to stay informed.

We welcome all suggestions for developing the programme further.


This session will introduce you to the concept and practice of insetting and for you to walk away with a good understanding how insetting can help your organisation to address some of the most crucial challenges in supply chain sustainability, including climate change, biodiversity loss and livelihoods.

Guest speaker: Manu Jindal, Climate and Inclusive Program Manager, Nespresso

Fees for IPI non-members: €250 per person

Date: 28 April, 3-5pm CEST

Insetting has tremendous potential to tackle some of the most crucial challenges around supply chain sustainability including climate change, biodiversity loss and farmer livelihoods. However, introducing and scaling insetting inside a company is a major endeavour and one in which not enough insights have been shared to date. With the Practical Guide to Insetting, the IPI attempts to close this gap, providing some of the most important lessons our members have learnt to encourage others to explore insetting as a way to achieve ambitious climate and nature commitments.

Join this webinar to learn more about this new resource to help accelerate practical and transformative action on climate and nature.


  • Julie Reneau, Sustainability Strategy and Stakeholder Relationship Manager, Nespresso
  • Tom Mallet, Carbon Management Lead, Accor
  • Katrina oleMoiYoi, Sustainability Consultant, Kering
  • Tilmann Silber, Strategic Program Lead, International Platform for Insetting
  • Sandra Brandt, Director, International Platform for Insetting

Date: 24 March 2022, 3-4pm CET

In 2020, Nature Positive was a phrase that rose to prominence as part of global efforts to move nature – and biodiversity – up the new sustainability agenda. It speaks to the urgent need to go beyond business as usual approaches to mitigating impacts on nature and explore opportunities to generate positive environmental outcomes.

But how can we make sure that in 2021 and beyond, sentiment turns into action and drives the meaningful, transformative change we need?

Join us for this interactive webinar hosted by the International Platform for Insetting and The Biodiversity Consultancy where we will:

  • explore what Nature Positive means for business;
  • showcase how companies are already making strides towards net gain and net positive outcomes for nature; 
  • demonstrate the role that insetting can play to support the transition to Nature Positive business models; 
  • evaluate together what Nature Positive-driven transformation of business models looks like and what needs to happen to enable this change.

Panelists and facilitation: 

  • Sandra Brandt, Director, International Platform for Insetting
  • Helen Temple, Chief Executive, The Biodiversity Consultancy
  • Dr. Helen Crowley, Head of Sustainable Sourcing and Nature Initiatives, Kering
  • Julie Reneau, Sustainability Strategy and Stakeholder Relationship Manager, Nespresso

Date: 10 March 2021, 3-4:30pm CET

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Regenerative agriculture practices have the potential to create more resilient supply chains, restore soil health and enable farmers and businesses to thrive. While progress towards regenerative agriculture has accelerated over the past years, there are significant barriers holding us back. What are they? And can insetting help to overcome them?

We invite you to a 1,5h interactive webinar to:

  • explore the barriers to scale regenerative agriculture along with a seven-point-plan to help overcome them;
  • discuss how insetting can act as a strategic mechanism to help to reduce some of the identified barriers;
  • evaluate together your organization’s role in scaling regenerative agriculture practices and driving transformational change;
  • engage and connect with peers and experts in the field.

Webinar objectives:

  • To share learning and resources from Forum’s Growing our Future Report to accelerate the impact of regenerative agriculture.
  • To explore the role your organization can play and how insetting is connected to transforming the agriculture system.


  • Members of the International Platform for Insetting
  • Corporate stakeholders who played a key role in informing the conducted research by Forum for the Future
  • Forum for the Future project lead team

Panelists and facilitation: 

  • Caroline Ashley, Global Director of System Change Programmes
  • Mary McCarthy, Principal Strategist, Forum for the Future
  • Elizabeth Rich, Sustainability Strategist, Forum for the Future
  • Sandra Brandt, Director, International Platform for Insetting
  • Jennifer Cooper, VP Client Strategy, Native Energy

Date: 23 July 2022, 4-5:30pm CEST

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More brands are setting the ambitious goal of becoming ’climate positive’. A group of companies (H&M, IKEA, MAX Burger AB) have together with WWF taken the first steps to develop a framework, aiming to bring together brands who want a credible, scientific and globally accepted way of becoming a ‘climate positive’ company. The group now seeks to engage with other corporates and relevant organizations to further develop the framework around climate positive, and more importantly; the roadmap to achieving this ambition.

Insetting is a strategic mechanism that enables businesses to balance the impact of GHG emissions that otherwise can’t be reduced, whilst contributing to their journey of transitioning to a low carbon business model and building climate resilient value chains. Thus, insetting could be an effective pathway for businesses to achieve a climate positive ambition. At the same time, a climate positive framework that is in full support of relevant initiatives such as the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi) and others, could bring further guidance and credibility to a company’s insetting program.

In this webinar we will:

  • provide a first-hand state of play and the future ambition of the climate positive framework and put it into context with the current developments of more detailed guidance of corporate net-zero targets by the SBTi
  • hear valuable insights from H&M and IKEA about their journeys towards becoming a climate positive company
  • evaluate the nexus between the climate positive framework and insetting
  • collect and discuss your feedback to the current climate positive framework draft and its future ambition

Mark Griffiths
, Global Leader of WWF’s Climate Business Hub
Kim Hellström, Strategy Lead at H&M Group
Carl Henrik Josephson, Global Communication Lead Climate at Inter IKEA Group
Sandra Brandt, Director at the International Platform for Insetting


Date: 27 May 2020, 4-5:15pm CEST

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The International Platform for Insetting invites you to a one-day, free conference that is designed to accelerate practical action by companies investing in nature. Join us on November 12 in Paris to:

  • Discuss the role of the Planetary Boundaries as a science-based framework for businesses to guide strategies and investments
  • Learn about the aim of the new Business for Nature coalition to call on governments to provide the right policy signals to scale up business action
  • Hear about the latest science of impactful nature-based approaches and how these can be linked to business strategies
  • Gain valuable insights from companies such as KeringNespressoChanel, and Pierre Fabre investing in nature to achieve corporate sustainability goals
  • Identify and discuss in an interactive session the principles to net-zero climate commitments and claims within the corporate sector
  • Engage and connect with peers, experts, and key stakeholders

Date: 12 Nov 2019, 8:30am – 5:30pm CET

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In this free half-day conference, we will share practical insights alongside the results of innovative approaches such as carbon insetting and their role to achieving science-based targets. We will discuss practical pathways for companies to implement water stewardship, to act on biodiversity and ecosystem conservation, and to scale positive impact towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

Special guest speaker: Christiana Figueres, former Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC (2010-2016) who successfully led the process to a universally agreed regulatory framework, the historical Paris Agreement 2015.

Date: 26 March 2019, 8:30am – 1:00pm CET

Venue: Dartmouth House, London

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