Step-by-step insetting guide for corporate action on climate change and nature loss

The IPI’s Practical Guide to Insetting shares insights and provides recommendations for sustainability professionals from experienced insetting practitioners to help companies transform their supply chains towards a net zero, resilient and regenerative future. This includes 10 learnings, from internal mobilisation to collaboration with partners on the ground, and five opportunities to scale insetting as a strategic practice. Download the press release >>


The guide includes an Insetting Manifesto. The Manifesto collates the views of the organisations that were interviewed for this guide and declares what this community of practice is advocating for in order to reach insetting’s full potential. Read the Insetting Manifesto >>

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We have developed an exciting programme of educational practitioner webinars and masterclasses that build on our Practical Guide to Insetting to help inform strategic decision making. The programme is designed for sustainability professionals at every stage of their insetting journeys, from beginners to experienced practitioners.

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“Reversing the loss of nature is a priority when it comes to addressing our planet’s current climate emergency. At Kering, we are implementing insetting programs to shift towards regenerative production of our raw materials, and generate direct positive impacts for climate and biodiversity in the landscapes from which we source. This guide reflects our own experience and consolidates up to a decade’s worth of insetting practice.”

Géraldine Vallejo, Sustainability Programme Director, Kering

“We are delighted to share this step-by-step guide explaining one of the most exciting concepts to take climate actions in global value chains. We hope that regulators and standard setters will leverage this open and honest peer-to-peer knowledge exchange to frame their carbon accounting recommendations. After eight years of experience, we are more convinced than ever that insetting is the most relevant approach to flow investments into the climate transition and the regeneration of nature.” 

Julie Reneau, Sustainability Strategy and Stakeholder Relationship Manager, Nespresso

“Insetting has tremendous potential to tackle some of the most crucial challenges around supply chain sustainability including climate change and biodiversity loss. The guide provides valuable insights and encourages companies to explore insetting as a strategic approach to turn ambition into transformative action.”

Tom Mallet, Carbon Management Lead, Accor