The International Platform for Insetting's mission is to be a catalyzer to help develop and certify Insetting projects worldwide. It was founded as a non-profit organization in December 2013 in Paris, by PUR Projet and Adaptogether organizations.

Pre-launch among professionals happened at the Plan Vivo conference on Insetting on november 10 th 2014 in London. From then on, three corporates joined the platform as Corporate founding members : AccorHotels, Nespresso and Chanel in 2015, joined by L’Oréal and Kering in 2016.

Public launch was triggered at Paris Climate conference (COP 21) in December 2015, where Insetting started to get good momentunm at a global scale level, with various spontaneous initiatives emerging, especially in Europe.

In 2016 IPI developed a Standard to allow Corporates engaged in Insetting to have their programs and projects certified and registered.

IPI’s objective is to give maximum credibility and resonance to Insetting via IPI, by building strong resources and extended network, to be able to present Insetting as a new way to envision Climate action, and wider than that, the reconciliation of all companies with the ecosystem.

IPI members envision Insetting as a way to bring systemic change to Climate action, from niche to mainstream, as projects are integrated within the supply chains and core business of companies, hence more legitimate, massive and perennial as they directly benefit companies too.

Wider than this, IPI see Insetting as a holistic transformative approach of companies. Reconciling human activities with the socio-economic and environmental ecosystems they depend upon.


Integral : Integrating progressively all stakes of Sustainability at all level of the organization and with all Stakeholders and along all Supply Chains (Tier 0 to 4). Towards Full Circle Sustainability

Integrated : All projects are developed within the Sphere of Influence of the Organization, hence bringing in a transformative approach from within of the organization, via its own vision, values, management system , program and projects in place, to progressively engage the organization towards total Balance with its Ecosystem.

IPI’s ambition is that Insetting becomes the predominant tool for businesses to reconcile with their ecosystem. Insetting can contribute to the next stage of capitalist development through the development of ecosystem services used to regenerate companies’ ecosystems. Much more than just carbon offsetting, it targets ultimately that companies have a net positive impact on their Ecosystem and for their own benefit and sustainability.

Insetting Raise the bar



IPI is a platform that facilitates the integration of Insetting practices in the business world. IPI serves as a multi-stakeholder platform, working to better define Insetting, facilitate collaboration on common projects and to promote best practices.


IPI adds value for businesses and their Insetting Program and Projects by allowing them to be certified under the Insetting Standard by third parties and registered in a blockchain registry.



The objective is to open National Committees to activate the development of Insetting practices in other countries.

The National Committees will host and moderate meetings and events following the global strategy of the IPI.

Priority countries :
UK, US, Germany, Switzerland.

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