The development of certified vetiver production in Haiti

Project partners

Healing Waters International and Entrepreneurs du Monde

Location of project

Les Cayes, Southern Haiti



Type of Intervention

Promoting an eco-responsible approach

Project description

Haiti’s only agro-industrial resource (excluding food-producing plantations) is vetiver, which represents 25% of the Haitian market; nearly 27,000 families depend on this resource. The vetiver industry is particularly exposed to climatic risks and has been, on several occasions, victim of natural disasters. The essential nature of the resource and its fragility require special support for the actors involved in the sector.

CHANEL has chosen to support fair, responsible and solidarity-based production of vetiver in Haiti by financing 70% of the Development Fund for the local cooperative Copfovel, which has been certified by the Fair For Life label since 2014.  This label ensures sustainable growing conditions and contributes to improving the working and living conditions of vetiver producers in the Cayes region. Thanks to the Fund, several collective projects are improving living conditions for the community, promoting access to education and health care, and strengthening social ties and well-being for the region’s inhabitants.

CHANEL is also financing Palmis Enèji, a social enterprise created by the French NGO Entrepreneurs du Monde in Haiti. It makes clean, modern and efficient energy accessible to all in order to fight fuel poverty and its social, health, and environmental impacts. CHANEL is strengthening Palmis Enèji’s involvement in the production area of the vetiver producers in its supply chain.


The program has many co-benefits, such as:

  • Reduction of GHG emissions through the diffusion of clean energy solutions to populations in Cayes region.
  • Contribution to soil and water conservation by financing a Fair for Life certified supply chain, guaranteeing organic farming and agricultural practices that respect the environment and biodiversity.
  • Financing of a cultural, educational and sports center.
  • Health education.
  • Ensuring the income of vetiver producers, guaranteed by the Fair for Life certification.
  • Provision of financing solutions and micro-credit systems.
  • Use of available agricultural land without competing with food crops, and reducing erosion.
  • Structuring of the vetiver industry and of trade around this resource.
  • Improvement of working conditions for vetiver producers.
  • Reduced health risks through access to safe drinking water, solar electricity and improved cooking solutions for households in the region.
  • Opening of a mobile clinic in the villages allowing regular access to health services.

The deployment of sustainable agricultural practices encourages conversion to organic farming. Producers are trained in low-impact practices, vetiver is grown without pesticides, fertilizers, or chemicals, and the cooperative’s modern distillation equipment optimizes energy consumption.

Since April 2018, the opening of a cultural, educational and sports center has been offering tutoring, literacy classes and other activities throughout the year to more than a hundred children.

The Fund has facilitated access to drinking water for local populations through the drilling of a well in 2018 and the installation of a drinking water kiosk at the cultural center in partnership with the NGO Healing Waters International (HWI), which supports the installation of water purification and treatment systems. A mobile clinic will make up for the lack of health centers

in the villages. In the near future, road repairs will improve the conditions for transporting and delivering the cooperative’s vetiver.

Palmis Enèji distributed 15,000 solar lighting systems, 13,000 cookstoves and 11,300 LGP cookstoves in 5 years across the country. 215,000 beneficiaries had seen their daily lives improved with up to $2,9 million savings for families. This allowed a reduction of 114,700 tons of CO2 eq.


Fair For Life certification and Gold Standard